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RESTAURANTS Open until 10pm

SHOPS Monday-Friday: 9am – 9pm | Saturday: 9am - 7pm | Sunday: 11am - 5pm
RESTAURANTS Open until 10pm


Community & Environment

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The Hygiene Bank believe it is not right that feeling clean should be a luxury or a privilege for anyone in our society, yet many are living in poverty and cannot afford to stay clean. They collect new, unused, in-date personal care and household cleaning essentials - including deodorant, shower gel, shampoo, make-up, nappies, toilet roll, laundry detergent and surface cleaner.


For those lucky enough not to worry about being able to afford stay clean you can make a huge difference by donating.


Part of our Pay it Forward campaign, targeting donations to charities in terms of time, money and product donations, we have created a Hygiene bank donation point in the guest services lounge so that we can all help to end Hygiene poverty.


Donations are collected by volunteers, sorted and redistributed to local organisations, services, charities and projects working to support children, families and individuals in need.

One Little Thing Less to Worry About
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One Little Thing Less to Worry About

One in ten teenage girls has, at some point, been unable to afford sanitary products. One in seven has had to borrow tampons or sanitary towels from a friend because they couldn’t afford to buy their own, but we can all be caught unawares at some point.

We believe that everybody should have access to period products when they need them, so we have partnered with registered charity Girl Pack to be able to offer free products to everyone when visiting centre:mk.

You will find baskets in out toilets containing single products which can be taken free of charge, with full packs of sanitary towels also available from our guest services desk. Simply ask one of the guest services team for a package for Sue, and they will be able to discreetly offer you a pack in a plain bag.

The true cost of periods is often hidden which is why Girl Pack also provide free period products to schools, foodbanks, community centres, retailers and many more locations all over Milton Keynes.

For more information on where you can access period products throughout the Milton Keynes and the surrounding areas, please follow the links below where you can also find out about some of the key charities who are working to end period poverty in the UK and across the world.

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To celebrate Mental Health Awareness week, we are opening our new ‘Chill Out Zone’ for visitors who want to spend a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the busy shopping centre.

Mental Health Awareness Week is organised by the Mental Health Foundation to get people thinking and talking about mental health to help tackle the stigma surrounding the topic and encourage people suffering to seek help. This year’s focus is anxiety, which according to a recent poll by The Mental Health Foundation, is one of the most common mental health problems we face.

The new ’Chill Out Zone’ is located on Midsummer Arcade by John Lewis and partners, in a quieter area of the centre away from the crowds. There are comfortable chairs where customers can sit and be surrounded by some of the plants, shrubs and trees that centre:mk is famous for. The centre is currently undergoing a major refresh of the 54 planters in the malls, including the introduction of 8,000 new plants and trees and spending just 10 minutes around plants is known to boost our mood and relieving stress and anxiety.

Centre Director, Kevin Duffy said, “It is really important that we are accessible to all and we go beyond the expected. We know that a busy shopping centre environment can become overwhelming for some, so we wanted to create a relaxing and quiet space where we can all take time out, relax and regroup, until they feel ready to make the most of the fantastic retail offering and choice of restaurants in the centre. It’s the perfect spot to have a break and simply enjoy the surroundings”

Local poet, artist and chef Yaw Asiamah has created two poem's for Mental Health Awareness Week, ahead of the extraordinary exhibition of poetry launching at the centre later this month. Have a read below...



You may not always understand
The one who lives within 
this skin
All I ask of you, my people
Is that
you be there for me
When I’m walking in my sunshine 
You be there for me
When I step into that tunnel 
Still be there with me
When I’m driving on the highway
You be there for me
When I’m flustered in the forest 
Still be there for me
It’s an incredible great miracle
That I am still here today
I’m hurt more by your fears
Than those voices that I hear
You see
you can fix a broken hand
Cure an ulcer mend a knee
you will even delve much deeper 
to try to mend a broken heart
but when it comes to the mind?
Some are mindful of me
And others,
Most others
Just don’t mind me
All I ask of you, my people
Is that
you be there for me
When I’m walking in my sunshine 
You be there for me
When I step into that tunnel 
Still be there with me
When I’m driving on the highway
You be there for me
When I’m flustered in the forest 
Still be there for me.
I was me 
Before my illness
I’m still me.

By Yaw Asiyama

Mental Health Awareness Week.
Wrote this for STaSS. A great organisation.



Do You Mind (Open letter to Anne Xiaety)

Do you mind?

Do you really?

Where do you think

I think?

I am immersed.

Overloaded with info

with no knowledge

and I don't know

where to go.

I sit right at the edge

of everywhere

and I strive to get there

but there is nowhere.

There was here

now here has been stopped,


My countenance

so constantly tries

to beguile you.

All lies.

In truth, I fear

that when here reopens

I may no longer

fit in there.

Help me.

Hear me.

By Yaw Asiyama

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Here at centre:mk we are looking forward to welcoming a hive of bees to their new home on the centre roof in the coming weeks.

This comes as the latest part of our ongoing Green Roof project, where we are making use of the large rooftop surface area to provide green spaces and habitats for wildlife in the heart of the urban city centre. The roof already has a number of bird and insect boxes as well as areas of grass and wildflowers that the bees will enhance over time by pollinating.


40,000 bees will be housed in a hive on the roof in the first phase, with more hives coming later in the year. The bees will be looked after by local apiary, Mr Rob’s Honey, with opportunities for centre staff to learn beekeeping skills and get involved with the project. The honey the bees produce will be given away to guests, charity partners and staff.


Kevin Duffy, Centre Director at centre:mk said, “We are delighted to be welcoming the bees to the centre! Bees are a threatened species that play a vital role in our ecosystem, and we’re excited to be able to provide a habitat for them to thrive in the city centre, on our Green Roof.”


The Green Roof is part of a wider set of initiatives we have introduced to be a sustainable shopping centre, including reducing energy usage, optimising waste management, and capturing rainwater for use in the scheme. Last year alone we saved enough energy to charge 11 million mobile phones by turning off their lights 3 hours earlier and changing to efficient LED bulbs.


We also have over 8,000 new trees and plants being added to our much-loved planters in the malls. The planters help to create a green and airy atmosphere in the shopping centre producing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide and many guests comment on how much they enjoy the plants!

Random Acts of Kindness
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Random Acts of Kindness

Visitors to centre:mk shopping centre might come away with more than their fashion and beauty finds on Friday 17th February. To mark Random Acts of Kindness Day, the centre team are planning to spread kindness to their guests with special surprises and giveaways.



Random Acts of Kindness Day, set up by the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation and celebrated nationally, aims to show the difference kind acts can make to connect us all and make the world a better place. The day trends on social media with the hashtag, #MakeKindnessTheNorm.


Members of the centre:mk team will be brightening guests’ day by handing out one hundred bunches of beautiful yellow daffodils and some lucky customers might get even get their coffees paid for by centre:mk staff at some of the coffee shops and cafes throughout the centre. Retailers will also be spreading some kindness with some of their retail staff giving out freebies and samples in the mall.


Kevin Duffy, Centre Director at centre:mk said, “Here at centre:mk, we believe that one little thing can make a big difference. Something as small as giving someone a flower or buying them a coffee can lift their mood and have a massive positive impact on their day. There is always something fun and interesting going on at the centre and we pride ourselves on surprising and delighting our guests when they come to shop with us. Giving them a little treat is the perfect way to do just that and say, “thank you”.

Work for Us - Employment and Training Support
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Work for Us - Employment and Training Support

Works for Us supports people to find work, training and volunteering.

As a specialist employability service that is part of Milton Keynes Citizens Advice, we look to provide tailored support to suit our clients' training and employment goals. 


Through the delivery of free courses, training, workshops, one to one coaching and careers advice we are able to help our clients by: 

  • Boosting confidence and interpersonal skills
  • Providing careers advice and guidance 
  • Enabling people to get online and improve their digital skills 
  • Helping to manage stress and anxiety 
  • Assisting with CVs, covering letters and interview coaching
  • Supporting to find suitable volunteering and work experience opportunities 

Our services are available to everyone over the age of 18, no matter what skills level or experience they have, as long as they live or work in Milton Keynes and are looking for Employment. To get in touch please first contact us via phone, email or an enquiry on our website…

Call on: 07852 965134 (Owen) or 07852 963744 (Kelly )
Email at:

Find out more at:


Opening Times: Monday to Friday, 9:00am to 4:00pm

Location: Management Office, 2nd Floor, Works for Us

Purple Tuesday
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Purple Tuesday

1st November will be the mark the fifth year that centre:mk has celebrated Purple Tuesday, in conjunction with disability organisation Purple. Established to promote awareness of the value and needs of disabled customers and improving access to destinations across the UK, it sits at the heart of centre:mk’s work to ensure the centre remains accessible to all.


As one of the first Changing Places changing rooms in the region and with ample disabled parking, disability scooter and wheelchairs available to hire and an ongoing training programme for staff to be able to recognise and assist guests with both seen and unseen disabilities. centre:mk works with the disabled community all year round to provide unrivalled facilities in the region.


This year, the centre team are using Purple Tuesday to invite a group of volunteers from a local care home, run by award winning charity MacIntyre, who provide a wide range of services for people with learning disabilities, autism, epilepsy, and communication difficulties, to come to the centre and give their feedback.


The volunteers will be given a centre:mk gift card to spend, to experience shopping, dining and facilities offered, such as The Sunflower Lanyard scheme, designed to help people with hidden disabilities receive the right level of help and support throughout the centre as they shop.


Kevin Duffy, centre:mk Director said “We are constantly looking to improve the shopping experience for everyone who visits the centre. We are at the heart of an incredibly diverse city and want to ensure all groups in the community feel welcome here and that we offer an environment that is comfortable for all abilities. Purple Tuesday is a fantastic way of getting the message out there that we are constantly striving to always improve and deliver the best customer service for every guest who visits.”

For further information on Purple Tuesday please see:

Car Wash Company
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Car Wash Company

The Car Wash Company have opened at centre:mk Multi-Storey Car Park!

Opening Hours

  • Monday to Saturday 9am-5pm
  • Sunday 10am-5pm


We have become one of the UK’s largest hand car wash and valeting companies, because we shine in smart, eco-friendly car cleaning technology.


Our team comes with a wealth of experience, not only in car washing and valeting professionalism and technical ability but also in customer service. Our aim is to revolutionise and lead the hand car wash business in the UK and deliver the very best for our customers by providing an enhanced experience and an unequalled service.


We are specialists in clever, concentrated & convenient cleaning that produces better, more outstanding results. After many years of research and working with partners, we have developed our own highly effective, ‘Little drop of brilliance’ cleaning solution.


Training maintains higher quality standards. We have the best product in the business and each and every member of our staff is trained to deliver the exceptional finishes inside and out, and the brighter end result that we expect. So whichever of our partner centres you drive into, we can guarantee you’ll be given the same level of service and high quality finish.

Social Seats
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Social Seats

Our ‘Social Seats’ initiative is to help tackle loneliness. Simply take a seat on one of the benches situated outside Next, and enjoy a friendly chat with your seated neighbour. Our aim is to alleviate any feelings of loneliness members of our community may be feeling. 


centre:mk is known as a sociable place to meet and we thought that by creating this dedicated area encouraging people to come in and chat, it could be a great opportunity for our vibrant community to come together and spread some kindness.


Our smart technology multi storey car park
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Our smart technology multi storey car park

Our new smart technology multi storey car park is now open with over 1400 spaces available including electric vehicle charging points, 80 disabled parking bays and 64 parent and child spaces. The car park is situated behind John Lewis on Marlborough Gate; currently only accessible via Midsummer Boulevard.

A sustainable centre
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A sustainable centre

centre:mk is a listed building with a need to retain historical features, however our ambition remains to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2035. This means;

  • Decarbonising through the use of green energy and minimising the release of embodied carbon
  • Improving energy efficiency
  • Engaging with tenants, occupiers and suppliers to successfully manage carbon emissions and reductions across all areas
  • Using carbon offset methodologies for any residual carbon that is generated
  • Increasing investment into renewable energy, such as solar panel installation on our roof
  • Reducing our carbon footprint by working with local partners
  • Implementing reduce, reuse and recycle across all waste streams


centre:mk is famous for having everything under one roof, so the 100,000 m2 roof is a good place to start.

  • Since 2015, we have created the first carbon neutralising shopping centre roof in the uk
  • Our roof covers the equivalent of 17 football fields 
  • Every 1m2 of roof can convert 1.75kg of CO2 per year saving the  equivalent to almost 440,000 miles worth of greenhouse gas emissions from your average family car


  • Rainfall and CO2 reacts with the surface of the Olivine (the particles on our centre roof) which turn the CO2 into a
  • combination of water, sand and magnesium carbonate, all of which are 100% neutral in their effect on the environment
  • So far this year we have converted enough carbon to power enough kettles to make 2 million cups of tea!


Reducing the electricity and gas used at centre:mk is an ongoing project.

From getting back to basics – switch off lighting when not required, to switching to energy saving LED illumination, we can save money and be better for the planet.

Switching off the lights 3 hours earlier and replacing 600 bulbs with LEDs has saved enough energy to charge 11.7m mobile phones without any additional CO2 emissions

The greenhouse gas emissions that we save is equivalent to 110 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide, or:

-87.7 cars driven for a year

-1,013,656 miles driven by an average car


The planters throughout the centre not only provide a lush, pleasant space for everyone to enjoy, they also help to absorb CO2 too.

Over 200 new plants and 20 new trees were planted  in March 2021

We have 860m2 of planting throughout the centre and 1200m2 within our external areas

Did you know internal plants reduce fatigue, sore throats, colds and coughs by as much as 30%

Behind the scenes we are at home with nature too. Our rooftop wild garden is a natural habitat with bee boxes, flowers and vegetation to  provide a home for insects, bees and birds to thrive.


Our commitment to cleaner transport has transformed our own fleet of vehicles as well as supporting healthier approaches to workplace travel.

All patrol, waste and cleaning vehicles have been swapped out for a fully electric fleet

All centre management teams can make use of the car share  scheme and cycle to work policies

We are home to the Electric Vehicle Centre promoting electric cars and their usage and the grants available to make it easy for you to switch


We divert 100% of our waste from landfill and we like to try and be creative with it!

1350 tonnes of waste is recycled instead of landfilled

22% of waste is converted to renewable energy

We recycle 10 tonnes of coffee grounds a month from  our retailers, to use as fertilizer for our landscaping


John Lewis & Partners has a beauty product recycling initiative. Simply return 5 empty beauty products and receive £5 off your
next purchase

M&S collect your unwanted old clothes in their “Shwop” boxes

instore to resell through Oxfam. Nothing goes to waste

The Perfume Shop will recycle your empty perfume bottles and give you 10% off your next purchase Superdrug pharmacies recycle empty tablet blister packets to raise donations for charity Marie Curie


Water is one of the planet’s most precious assets and we harvest as  much rainwater as possible to re-use in the centre.

Each year we capture 2,088,000 litres, enough for 35,000 washing machine cycles.


The centre is continually adapting to new technology to meet the needs of our guests, retailers and staff.

A sophisticated Building Management System, that is capable of being  ‘upscaled’ runs our behind the scenes operations.

This system allows us to control the building and the equipment, as well as preprogramme operational activities to ensure all systems are run only when required.

Renewable energy sources are continually being trialled to drive energy efficiencies.

Our digital infrastructure ensures centre information is as paperless as possible, including ticketless parking through our app.


Where possible we try to:

Try to utilise the existing structure and embodied carbon elements

Refurbish and extend rather than rebuild to attract new brands like Primark and H beauty

Avoid excessive material miles when sourcing materials

Utilise local responsible contractors and suppliers that resource and employ from within the region

Continue to increase insulation to improve levels in line with modern day building regulations

Investing in our future
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Investing in our future

At the heart of the city for more than 40 years, centre:mk continues to invest in being as socially and environmentally responsible as possible.

What’s good for the environment is good for business and forms the foundations of everything we do. Live projects cover how we engage with  the environment, society and the wider community as well as the people we work with and who work for us.

Within this exhibition we reflect just some of the work that takes place behind the scenes and after hours across the centre as well as reminding you about some of the great community events we host every year.

We recognise how important this is for our community, stakeholders and guests and are looking to continuously improve. This is the first of many ways to tell our story and we hope to inform you of a couple of things you
didn’t expect along the way too.

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Revo Re:spect Gold Award

Awarded in recognition of our Open To All strategy: Working with the disabled community to make centre:mk accessible for all groups.

Green Apple Bronze Award for environmental best practice for Waste Management

Awarded for the progress made in reducing waste whilst increasing recycling.

Hermes Responsible Property Investment Award  - Best Property Award

For our sustainability, energy management, waste management, recycling and community engagement.

International Customer Experience Award for customer centric culture

Up against more than 150 companies, from over 30 countries, centre:mk won the Gold Award (1st place) recognising how we put our  guests at the heart of everything we do.

We don’t just want to be compliant, we want to keep pushing to be the best we can be.

GRESB is the Real Estate Assessment global standard for ESG  benchmarking in which the centre achieved a 5-star rating and came 1st in our peer group assessment

BREEAM In-Use is an environmental assessment method that enables properties operational performance to be assessed, in  which the centre received a Very Good Rating

International standard for environmental management systems accredited

We are a Greenworld ambassador

First shopping centre in the world to achieve Social Value  Accreditation, recognising centre:mk’s work with the arts community

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The Watch & Clock Shop

They donate to a charity called Eden Project which plants one  tree for every watch they sell

Their Vision: By the year 2025 Eden Project’s objective is to plant a minimum of 500 million trees each year and to offer hope through the employment of tens of thousands of people in countries where extreme poverty is rampant


L’Occitane use sustainably sourced ingredients making sure that plants are cultivated and harvested without harming the environment or bio-diversity.


To have contributed to protecting 1,000 species and varieties of plants by 2025

To have a Fair Trade relationship with all their direct  producers by 2025

To support 60,000 women in their socio-economic  development by 2025

They have long term, non-exclusive contracts with producers, pay them a fair price and provide them with technical and financial support.

They believe in empowering women to achieve their goals. Their foundation had given women access to literacy and education for their children. Every year they sell fundraising products to promote women’s leadership.

John Lewis & Partners


All key raw materials in own-brand products will be from sustainable or recycled sources by 2025

All John Lewis product categories will have a ‘buy back’ or ‘take back’ solution by 2025

Includes bringing forward – by 15 years to 2035 – their ambition for their entire operations to be net zero carbon

All electricity procured by the partnership to be 100%  renewable certified by 2028


Their ‘Give A Little Love’ campaign, raised £3 million for charity partners FareShare and HomeStart

They donated £500,000 through the Your Partners Through It All Community Fund to support 240 organisations, including  food banks, women’s refuges and homeless charities

The John Lewis textile factory, Herbert Parkinson, made 12,000 protective medical scrubs for the NHS

Charlotte Tilbury

Reusable: Charlotte’s award winning ‘dry sheet mask’ is a reusable mask that is hydrating, firming and brightens skin!
To prevent single use masks, this product can be used up to  three times

Refillable: Many of Charlotte’s products are now refillable, including her Award winning ‘Magic Cream’. The jar has also had a revamp, to reduce the use of plastic. Other refillable products include lipsticks, brow products and her airbrush bronzers!

Charlotte Tilbury is 100% cruelty free meaning they do not test products or ingredients on animals

Hotel Chocolat

At Hotel Chocolat, their Planet Pledge sets out their aim for all packaging to be 100% recyclable or reusable. They are currently  over 90% of the way there, and are working hard to continue to reduce and rethink their packaging to achieve this pledge

In 2020, they swapped all black plastic trays for clear plastic ones; these new clear plastic trays contain a minimum of 70% recycled content and can easily be recycled in your  kerbside recycling

As well as setting their Planet Pledge, they have also set a commitment for all direct operations to be Net Zero Carbon by 2030. It’s a tall order, but one they are committed to fulfilling as a business

A big part of protecting our planet and our environment is by practicing biodiversity. At Hotel Chocolat, they believe that the cacao plant is a champion of biodiversity. On their Rabot Estate in St Lucia, they use gentle farming approaches to grow and farm the cacao. This ensures biodiversity, resulting in better cacao in the long-term and helping the planet

Open to all
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Open to all

centre:mk aims to remove accessibility barriers by considering the  3 pillars of accessibility in retail:

  • Staff training and awareness  
  • Customer information
  • The physical environment and design


We also pride our self on our:

  • Contemplation space to rest and recuperate
  • Free wheelchair hire
  • Mental Health first aid training
  • Dementia Friends scheme
  • ‘not every disability is visible’ signage
  • Clean Air Day (17th June)
  • Earth Hour, Earth Day and Earth Week activations 

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The centre has more than 4,500 employees working for  centre:mk or its brands

It is home to the “Now We Work Scheme” guiding adults back to full time employment

We partner with MK College to help showcase the courses available

We hold 2 job shows per year which attract over 250,000 footfall and 70 companies including Mercedes-Benz, Bosch,
 Holiday Inn, The Royal Air Force and Milton Keynes Hospital

We ensure continuous personal development for all the  centre:mk operational team

We work with all government schemes to ensure opportunities for all

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We support over 85 charities across the year

In centre charity donations raise over £50k per year

Proud partners of MK Community Foundation supporting charities and local initiatives

Home to the MK Community Foundation Car Raffle, annually  supporting over 50 charities and raising over a £1 million

since inception

Member of the Milton Keynes Homelessness project with tap to donate initiatives at Guest Services

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From the UK’s biggest indoor grotto to a high octane fashion show, we pride ourselves on delivering a range of events to our guests and  stakeholders that showcase local and regional talent as well as popular events such as The Wedding Show, The Milton Keynes Job Show and  the Handmade and Vintage Fair.

  • Over 200 days of events
  • Engaging with over 1,500 independent businesses,  community groups and charities
  • City Fest in association with MK Council, Intu and Academy of Urbanism
  • MK Futures

  • 40th Birthday celebration host  
  • War Games
  • World Remote Control Car Championships  
  • The Beach
  • Fashion show
  • Christmas
  • M & K, our centre:mk mascots
  • Kids Club
  • 40th Birthday celebration event
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We host over 200 days of events and activities in Middleton Hall

We support over 200 Independent business through events, in pop up shops on the mall and Queens Court Street Food and Craft markets

We work with small business mentors Love Local Hub to help budding entrepreneurs build their retail brands

We promote the centre to the region – from Birmingham to Oxford, Cambridge and Kingston

We are proud partners of Amazing MK, Destination MK and other key city centre associations

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Big Shop Friday – a not for profit artist led organisation which hosts events, exhibitions and talks and is also a space for the  community to meet and exchange ideas

The MK Skate Exhibition - this exhibition reveals the deep history of skateboarding in Milton Keynes, in association with the Arts  Council

International Festival and Festival Fringe – proud hosts and headline sponsors of IF Milton Keynes

SIROC  - Global Robot Competition

centre:mk takes part in Purple Tuesday with a spotlight on mental health
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centre:mk takes part in Purple Tuesday with a spotlight on mental health

centre:mk will be celebrating Purple Tuesday 2021 on 2nd November for the fourth year running. In conjunction with disability organisation Purple. The day is about creating an event to promote awareness of the value and needs of disabled customers and improving the overall experience all year round.

As one of the first Changing Places changing rooms in the region and the only facility in Milton Keynes, ample disabled parking, free disability scooter and wheelchair hire and an ongoing training programme for staff to be able to recognise and assist guests with both seen and unseen disabilities, centre:mk are “proud to be purple” all year round.

This year the centre team are using Purple Tuesday to focus on mental health, sharing their guest services lounge with staff from the regional NHS Foundation Trust who will be creating awareness of the services available from the Adult Mental Health Department in Milton Keynes.

A group of disabled guests have also volunteered to share their experience of shopping at the centre the facilities offered and the initiatives in place, such as The Sunflower Lanyard scheme, designed to help people with hidden disabilities receive the right level of help and support throughout the centre as they shop.

Kevin Duffy, centre:mk Director said “Our work with the disabled community fits with our “Open to all” strategy, our ongoing programme to make the shopping experience at centre:mk more supportive and comfortable for people of all abilities. Purple Tuesday is fantastic way of getting the message out there that everyone is welcome and will be cared for while striving to always improve and deliver the best customer service for every guest who visits.”

For further information on Purple Tuesday please see:


Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh 1921 – 2021
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Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh 1921 – 2021

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh 1921 – 2021


At 3pm on Saturday 17th April, we will join the nation in a minute’s silence to pay our respects to His Royal Highness, the Duke of Edinburgh. Please join us in this national moment of reflection.

The Queen’s “strength and stay”, we wanted to celebrate just a small part of the Duke’s legacy:


  • Husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather
  • International sportsman
  • World War II veteran
  • Skilled pilot
  • Explorer – the first Royal to cross the Arctic Circle
  • Passionate supporter of the arts.
  • Associated with 992 charities
  • A patron, president or member of over 780 organisations
  • First domestic president of the WWF
  • Founded the Duke of Edinburgh youth awards programme in 1956 - A staggering 6.7 million people have taken part in the awards in the UK and now available in 130 countries and territories globally
  • Completed 22,219 solo royal engagements
  • Gave 5,493 speeches since 1952


Prince Philip lived a life of dedicated public service and has left his mark on the world.

This week we are lighting up our car park at centre:mk purple, in remembrance of His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh

Did you know...? Here are our top facts about centre:mk's latest environmental efforts
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Did you know...? Here are our top facts about centre:mk's latest environmental efforts

Did you know …?

  • Our staff toilets use rain water harvesting

  •  Our planters hold some of the finest examples of exotic species of plants in the UK


  •  Coffee grinds are diverted from landfill and composted to be used in planters as fertiliser


  •  More than 80% of waste is recycled, with 100% being diverted from landfill


  • centre:mk is home to the only Omnibrand Electric Vehicle Centre in the UK

  • We’ve replaced all external lighting with LED alternatives saving an estimated 141.98 tonnes of CO2 emissions per year


  •  centre:mk is the only shopping centre that is all on one level with no escalators or lifts in walkways, making in highly accessible to all.



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November 2018
centre:mk, has announced its new charity partner for 2018/19 as Supershoes, an award-winning children’s cancer charity based in Milton Keynes.

Supershoes give children with cancer an opportunity to receive a pair of very special customised shoes created by one of over 300 volunteering ‘Super Artists’ and support staff. The shoes see magnificent benefits to children as they are designed to make the wearer feel special and strong; giving younger children in particular a sense of super-power when they wear their Supershoes.

The charity, which was founded almost 5 years ago, by Sarah and Ken White now receives over 30 referrals a week for requests for shoes.  Having recently sent out its 2500th pair of customised Supershoes the charity is now looking forward to its next chapter through its exclusive charity partnership with centre:mk.

Sarah White, Founder of the Milton Keynes-based charity said: “This is a tremendous opportunity to raise awareness of childhood cancer, giving a voice to the 11 children diagnosed every day in the UK, whilst highlighting the work our charity does to empower these young people. We have a goal of raising over £10,000 for our charity through the partnership with centre:mk this year which would enable us to produce 200 pairs of shoes.”

Kevin Duffy Centre Director said of the new partnership; “Supershoes is a very unique and worthy charity which we truly believe our guests will connect with. We know just how important it is for children to feel empowered and strengthened during cancer treatment and the shoes this charity produce do just that in an incredibly unique way - which is why we’re impassioned about supporting them to meet their target.”

centre:mk will be selling ‘reindeer glasses’ this Christmas, of which 50p from every pair sold goes directly to Supershoes. The glasses turn every point of light into a reindeer face and can be purchased from Guest Services as well as the Grotto in Middleton Hall.

About Supershoes

Supershoes was founded almost 5 years ago, by Sarah and Ken White (MD Frosts Landscape Construction.)  The charity now receives over 30 referrals a week for requests for shoes.  With over 300 Super Artists, and a team of support staff, Supershoes is volunteer led and has, at the beginning of this year, sent out its 2500th pair of customised Supershoes.  Future plans to empower children include hospital art workshops and local “Arty Parties” for families of children with cancer.

What does a pair of Supershoes bring to a sick child?

  • They encourage mobility
  • They promote wellbeing
  • They remind the child of who they are and the things that they love
  • They restore their sense of identity
  • They make the child feel special and strong. Younger children feel as though they have superpowers when they wear their Supershoes.
  • Every single day in the UK, nearly 11 children are diagnosed with cancer. Our aim is to continue to support families dealing with diagnosis and treatment and to raise awareness of childhood cancer nationwide.


Purple Tuesday a huge hit amongst centre:mk’s accessible shoppers
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Purple Tuesday a huge hit amongst centre:mk’s accessible shoppers

November 2018 

centre:mk, one of the UK’s top 10 shopping destinations reflected its continued commitment to accessible shopping by participating in the UK’s first ever accessible shopping day ‘Purple Tuesday’ on November 13th 2018. 

 The centre, which has a proud history of offering accessible shopping, supported this new initiative in order to raise awareness of the need to make customer-facing businesses more aware of opportunities and challenges surrounding accessible shopping.

centre:mk extended its call for feedback beyond their link up with a local disability action group, to offer a number of guests with accessibility needs the opportunity to shop and review the centre which resulted in much positive feedback alongside fresh insights that the team will be relaying back to retailers.

Mike, one of the guest reviewers commented how he found ‘plenty of disabled parking and found the size of the bays more than ample for his needs’.

Another reviewer Hayley, said she was ‘very happy with all amenities especially the Quiet Room’ as did Kathy who ‘loved the Quiet room’ and will be ‘using it more often now’ that she is aware of the facility.

What’s more this year centre:mk’s has launched additional dedicated slots to its all-inclusive experiences at Santa’s Grotto (which opened 9th November). The inclusive slots offer signed sessions for deaf children and dedicated autism friendly slots for smaller group sizes with subdued lighting and toned down noise levels to create a more relaxing atmosphere.

 Kevin Duffy, Centre Director commented;  

“Being a truly accessible shopping destination is part of who we are at centre:mk. Naturally our design lends itself to accessible shopping as we’re all on one level, but it’s the behind the scenes developments we’ve undertaken in recent years that are making a difference to our guests overall experience. 

Since 2016, we have invested significantly into our award winning toilets (which include a changing places toilet) and multi-storey car park which is due to open later this month - both of which have carefully selected provisions for guests that have additional access considerations. Furthermore all of our staff (both customer facing and head office) are consistently undergoing training on topics surrounding accessibility to ensure that we are meeting all of our valued guests needs wherever we can.”

For further information on Purple Tuesday please see:

For further enquiries on the inclusive Grotto availability please contact the booking line on 0843 178 1304*. 

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July 2017

centre:mk, one of the top ten shopping destinations in the UK, is home to Milton Keynes Council’s Electric Vehicle Experience Centre (EVEC).

The EVEC launch comes as part of the wider Milton Keynes Go Ultra Low Cities Programme, in which £9 million was awarded to the city in January 2016 to encourage the uptake of low emission vehicles and hit the target of 23 per cent of all car sales being electric or plug-in by 2020.  Milton Keynes is one of only four lead UK cities and authorities to win part of a £40 million government fund in the Go Ultra Low Cities programme and highlight the city as one of the most sustainable in Europe.

The EVEC is the first of its kind to launch in the UK and managed by Chargemaster, the UK’s biggest name in electric vehicle charging.  Situated at 26 and 28 Crown Walk and covering 3,870 sq ft, the centre is displaying new electric vehicle technology from a range of car manufacturers including Mitsubishi, Nissan and Renault– regularly rotating between makes and models as exciting new models enter the market. centre:mk is showcasing the vehicles, offering demos and providing highly trained independent professionals to answer customer questions and refer interested visitors to a relevant local dealership or partner leasing company.

Kevin Duffy, Centre Director at centre:mk, commented: “We are excited to be supporting this initiative from Milton Keynes Council that demonstrates an innovative and committed approach to improving the future for the region.  Showcasing the latest low emissions vehicles to the millions of visitors further enhances the centre:mk’s importance as one of the top 10 prime retail and leisure destinations within the UK.”

Visitors to centre:mk will be able to experience the modern and technologically advanced space, designed by motor industry retail specialists TRO, and learn about sustainable motoring for private and business use.  As an added bonus, Milton Keynes residents and businesses will also be able to test-drive a range of vehicles as well as lease low-emission vehicles on a longer term with the help of heavily subsidised rates from the EVEC.

Brian Matthews from Milton Keynes Council added:This one-of-a-kind showroom will prove to be a high-profile resource, enabling visitors of centre:mk to

experience the initiative in a high-quality environment. Their support throughout our low emissions initiative will no doubt attract visitors and add real value to the centre.  We look forward to presenting the technology at such a distinctive retail and leisure destination, and believe that this partnership will have a truly positive impact on Milton Keynes.”

David Martell, Chargemaster CEO, said: “Being part of such a high-profile and diverse project is very exciting for Chargemaster. The EV Experience Centre in MK will be the first of its kind and we are sure it will pave the way for other cities to follow in its footsteps. We are greatly looking forward to welcoming MK residents to the EVEC and to showing them everything that going green has to offer.”

This news follows the recent completion of the Sunset Walks £10 million refurbishment and investment, in addition to significant brand enhancements over the past 18 months including Kiehls, T2, Molton Brown and ASK.

MMX Retail and CBRE acted for centre:mk. Chargemaster represented Electric Car Experience Centre.

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January 2017

Hermes Investment Management, the £28.6 billion manager focused on delivering superior, sustainable, risk adjusted returns to its clients – responsibly and AustralianSuper, co-owners of centre:mk, have today announced plans for a £60 million investment in the centre.

Over the next three years, the grade two-listed building will undergo a series of enhancements focused on re-imagining the iconic principles that led to the creation of one of the UK’s most dominant UK regional shopping centres. The £60 million investment programme includes the recently completed £10m refurbishment of Sunset Walk, designed by architecture and design company, Rawls. The next phase will see the development of new state of the art customer facilities on Deer Walk, including a customer service lounge, family facilities and WCs, together with work beginning this spring on a new 1,400 space multi–storey car park adjoining John Lewis.

Other initiatives will embrace the latest digital technology with a new centre:mk app, website, social media platform, signage and wayfinding, focused on providing visitors with information and inspiration to help them get the most from their visit.

Ed Sellick, on behalf of centre:mk’s joint owners, Hermes Investment Management and AustralianSuper, commented: “ Our £60 million programme of investment is designed to enhance the experience for visitors, leading to increased sales for our retailers and restaurants. As the town of Milton Keynes enters its 50th year, at centre:mk, ‘Re-Imagining an Icon’ is seeking to re-equip the UK’s first listed shopping mall for the 21st century. It is about reflecting and paying homage to the building’s iconic status, whilst at the same time reappraising what happens inside and, finally, the role centre:mk plays in Milton Keynes.”

Kevin Duffy, Centre Director added: “centre:mk plays a significant role regionally  as we provide a critical mass and diversity of offer unavailable elsewhere. The investment in the malls, wayfinding, facilities and customer service will collectively allow us to build upon the place making we have created and further improve the space. These plans ensure centre:mk is always relevant for the consumer and retailers and will create a refreshing, exciting and modern look and feel within the iconic destination.”

The ‘Re-Imagining an Icon’ strategy builds on the significant enhancements made to centre:mk’s brand line-up over the last 18 months. Jigsaw, Hobbs, Joules, Cath Kidston, Kiehl’s, Molton Brown, The White Company and Pandora have all opened new stores on Sunset Walk, concentrated around House of Fraser, to create a critical mass of premium brands. In addition, Smiggle, T2 and Flying Tiger have all launched successful stores and Ask has recently opened its new restaurant opposite John Lewis.